Studio Enne: flexo experience

Esko technology to guarantee cutting-edge solutions

Converter Flessibili Carta e Cartone - March/April 2019

In 2014 Studio Enne obtains “HD Flexo Certification” from Esko for the production of high definition digital wide web polymers. An important goal, aimed at certifying the high results achieved, but also an important step towards the environment that demonstrates an excellence achieved with Esko technology with eco-sustainable printing plates.

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Second prize at BestInFlexo 2018

In the "MEDIUM WIDE reverse print" category

Studio Enne for prepress, Flessofab for printing
The prize was awarded especially for the excellent use of four-color printing and the perfect chromatic balance of the product, where the subtle gradations of chocolate brown are exalted by warm halftones, depth of color and a high solid ink density.


DuPont™ Cyrel® Fast 2000TD   x2

Converter Flessibili Carta e Cartone - September/October 2018

After the results achieved in terms of quality and increase in production with the DuPont™ Cyrel® Fast 2000TD plate processor, Studio Enne installed the second thermal developer in October 2008, with a new CDI ESKO SPARK4260.

Flexo experience at the service of packaging

Converter Flessibili Carta e Cartone - March/April 2018

With its 19 years of experience in the flexographic packaging industry, Studio Enne works in synergy with the whole packaging community, from the brand owners to the protagonists of the printing chain. The specific technical skills in flexo prepress as well as the constant search for new technologies allowed the company to build a quality market and ensure quick solutions able to realize creative ideas with technical feasibility and innovation.

Driven by the belief that innovation in packaging cannot take place without the search for eco-friendly technologies, Studio Enne chose to produce only solvent-free printing plates. This philosphy meets the current requirements of the flexographic and packaging industry, whose trends, due to growing awareness among consumers, are increasingly oriented towards eco-friendly products throughout the whole chain.

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Studio Enne: always Fast!

DuPont™ Cyrel® Fast 2000TD: first installation in Italy

Converter Flessibili Carta e Cartone - November/December 2017

Located in Castel San Giorgio (SA), Studio Enne, was the first prepress service to acquire a DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD to produce plates. The company has also been certified by DuPont for the production of solvent-free printing plates...

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