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Flexographic prepress  is one of our “flagships”, thanks to our technical skills developed over years of experience in this sector. Workload is managed via state-of-the-art Esko softwares, which form the core of all digital prepress operations, ensuring an excellent workflow management and a top-level quality control.

Color management

When realizing a packaging, it is important to make sure that the chromatic specifications established in the design phase are consistent with the printing result. The Pack Proof color management software allows you to access a preview of the finished pack, providing color-accurate contract proofing. It has a central database with all basic color data, calibrated as a function of specific printing curves.

Photorealistic 3D SLEEVES and Renderings

with Studio Toolkit Advance

Studio Toolkit Advance allows you to quickly visualize the final project by providing a three-dimensional preview with automatic canvas rotation or a 3D PDF file. Thanks to a patented technology, it is possible to simulate different substrates, metal effects and special printing or finishing effects - such as gold and matt coating - for any type of flexible packaging, cardboard, paperboard, etc. Among its many functions, this software lets you apply conical distortion on artwork for conical labels, and design perfect heat shrink sleeves around one or more objects.



for an immediate packaging/product feedback

Mock-ups can be created with transparent areas, aluminum and matt coating. They are a valid instrument to offer a realistic view of the packaged product and get an immediate feedback from the client. This allows us to quickly validate technical feasibility related to packaging and packaging/product relationship.

Certified color proof

Providing our clients with a certified color proof allows us to make accurate predictions and define expectations. We use color management softwares to realize certified cromalins able to provide a reliable hard proof of the printing result. Besides chromatic composition, the cromalin will show transparent areas, metal areas and matt coating.


Step 1


Registering the electronic order

In this initial step, We define the technical aspects and necessary specifications of the work in order to provide each department with all information useful for project execution and timing.

Step 2


Creating the graphic design

The graphic file is created according to printing requirements and managed by a professional graphic design team through a prepress workflow based on specific softwares (ESKO ARTWORK). At this stage, the Prepress Manager assists the client in the project development, providing quick solutions to meet the client's techincal and communication needs.

Step 3


Delivering the Pdf

A visual of the graphic design, inclusive of prepress details, is promptly delivered according to the times agreed with the client. This stage can be supported by a 3D digital visual.

Step 4


Color proofing with Esko Pack Proof

After approval of the Pdf, a certified hard proof is supplied. It is also possible to print cromalins on transparent film - which allows us to simulate the vision of metal areas and matt coating - and provide a Mock-up of the packaging.

Step 5


Completing the graphic project

The digital cromalin approved by the client will be used as a chromatic reference during the printing phase.

Step 6


At this stage, we develop and engrave printing plates.

Step 7


Verifying technical aspects of printing plates

Engraved printing plates are subject to a series of quality checks to confirm their technical standards.

Step 8


Preparing shipment

At the end of the production process, the logistics department will prepare packaging for transport. The content of the package will be completed and checked with a check-list. All related technical documents will be stored in a digital archive.