The characteristics of Cyrel®Fast thermal system are perfectly consistent with our idea of business: an innovative and highly productive technology for plate engraving, able to produce ready-to-use flexographic plates in less than an hour, through a completely solvent-free thermal process.

Combining high quality with respect for the environment

Engraving solvent-free printing plates represents a precise choice, a philosophy that perfectly meets the current requirements of the flexographic and printing industry. Our growing presence on the market proves that it is possible to combine high quality and respect for the environment in the production of flexographic printing plates, thus conforming to the new European standards regarding environmental sustainability.

Sharper and more stable dots thanks to the absence of solvents

The thermal system guarantees high quality and extremely consistent printing plates.
Moreover, thanks to the absence of solvents, printing plates are less exposed to degradation and preserve themselves perfectly for future reprinting, if stored properly.


Faster print run times

The Cyerl®Fast polymers ensure a high ink transfer, improving significantly print runs and productivity in flexografic printing. The sate-of-the-art EASY printing plates, combined with Esko's new engraving technologies, guarantee the highest performance in the color management of solids and halftones.


the technology with the lowest environmental impact

Cyrel®Fast Thermal Workflow offers many environmental benefits:

a reduction in GHG emissions by up to 53%;
a reduction in non-renewable energy by up to 63%;
compliance with the essential requirements of the environmental legislation;
a safer, low-emission working environment compared to production processes based on the use of solvents.

Our success!
90% of production in wide web

Almost 90% of our Cyrel®Fast polymers are used in flexographic prepress on wide web printing machines. By constantly investing our technical expertise in this important market sector, we have managed to achieve high quality results, obtaining Esko HD Flexo and Dupont 100% Cyrel®Fast certifications.


DuPont™Cyrel®Fast: Research & Development

Our technical expertise along with our many years' experience in this field have strongly contributed to the achievement of outstanding results, allowing us to develop an important synergy with Dupont in support of Cyrel ®Fast thermal technology.